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  • Attractive and Functional Designs
  • Responsive Layout Optimized For Mobile Phones and Tablets
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility

Although Website Design usually gets the Oh's and Ah's due to it being graphical in nature. Application development is the unsung hero, that provides the end-user with a smooth, easy to use website experience. Mostly hidden in the background, languages such as jQuery, PHP, .NET and relational databases do most of the heavy lifting of well designed websites. Many times however, clients may need stand-alone applications to do very specific tasks, or they may have a great idea they want to see come to fruition. Blue Dog Innovations has taken on several complex applications and are always looking for the next challenge.

Types of Projects We Have Built

  • Electronic Forms - eForms
  • GMed Reports/Letters - Medical EMR Interfacing
  • Online SMS Notification Systems - Sending Text Messages Directly From Websites
  • Online Ledger System - Synced incoming payments across multiple offices
  • SalesForce API Integration
  • Meditech Nursing Interface
  • Online HR Onboarding System

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