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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a combination of art, science and strategy. There are several factors that go into making a website rank well with search engines. Blue Dog Innovations takes these different methodologies which include On and Off page SEO and includes them in every website we build.

Content Management

Utilizing quality content and highlighting specific keywords not only engage the user but helps search engines index our pages for best possible placement.


Brand awareness helps users recognize your business from the sea of other businesses out there. We will work with you on developing an engaging logo and tailor your website to reflect the message, service or products your business represents.

Social Networking Apps

Millions of users use social platforms as a means of keeping in touch and for finding out more about businesses that friends and family are talking about. We will help you set up your business on a few different social media platforms to help you get started promoting your services or products.

SEO Services

As mentioned above all of our websites are built utilizing both on and off-site SEO techniques.

Competitor Analysis

In order for Blue Dog Innovations to fully understand your business, we must first identify your competitors. From there we will be able to determine what the best marketing approach will be, in order for your website to gain that edge it needs to stand-out!


Every website built by Blue Dog Innovations will incorporate Google Analytics. This gives our clients an inside peek at how well their websites are performing going forward.

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