Who We Are

Who We Are

History & Evolution

Blue Dog Innovations has a 20+ year old history involving dedication, friendships, new business partners, family and God. We would not be where we are today without all the support from those previously listed. We specialize in creating highly customized applications for both front and back-end of house of any small to medium sized business. We pride ourselves on really getting to know, what it is that you are looking to convey, be it selling townhomes, cabin rentals, or maybe branding a company. Give us a call today and let's talk about how we can take your business to whole new levels.

Why Blue Dog?

Blue Dog is geared towards two purposes, the first being our clients absolute satisfaction of the project(s) we are working on together, the second is that all applications/websites are unique, SEO enhanced, graphically pleasing, and solid as a rock. It is these two principals alone, that we can guarantee your success.

Our experience covers:

  • Brochure website design
  • Usability studies plus key design techniques
  • Design for open source technologies
  • Social networking apps
  • Data capture/handling

Our Mission

Our Mission is more of a word really, "Results", with positive results comes your satisfaction, which in turn fuels us to strive even further.